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OctaBar Low

10" Shallow Subwoofer
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Product at a Glance

ntroducing the British Acoustics OctaBar Low, a purpose-built 10" shallow subwoofer designed to perfectly complement the OctaBar SoundBar. With its compact size and powerful performance, the OctaBar Low takes your audio experience to the next level, adding depth and richness to your sound system.

Specifically engineered to pair seamlessly with the OctaBar SoundBar, the OctaBar Low delivers enhanced bass response and low-frequency extension. Its 10" shallow subwoofer is designed to reproduce impactful and punchy bass frequencies, filling the room with immersive sound that brings movies, music, and games to life.

The OctaBar Low boasts a slim and space-saving design, allowing it to easily integrate into any environment. Its shallow profile ensures a discreet presence, making it ideal for installations where space is limited or aesthetic considerations are important. The subwoofer can be placed under furniture, mounted on walls, or positioned inconspicuously within your setup, maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.

Crafted with premium components and meticulous engineering, the OctaBar Low delivers impressive performance while maintaining excellent audio quality. Its advanced driver design, coupled with a tuned enclosure, ensures accurate and well-defined bass reproduction, allowing you to experience the full impact of low-frequency effects and music with clarity and precision.

Designed to work harmoniously with the OctaBar SoundBar, the OctaBar Low seamlessly integrates into the OctaBar system. Together, they create a cohesive audio experience, with the OctaBar Low handling the low-frequency duties while the OctaBar SoundBar focuses on delivering clear and detailed mid-range and high-frequency sounds.


Painstakingly Perfect Production

Over the years, craftsmanship has been closely linked with small scale individualistic production. Back in 1972, we started the same way. As we grew in scale & size, it was difficult to build each speaker individually, but quality control was of utmost importance as so switching to a general assembly line was simply not an option. So we wrote up a code, one quite like enigma, to ensure quality control. We selected the right partners, got the right tools, and in cases where those weren't available, we invented them. We grew slower than most as our aim was to last longer than most. 

Tech Specs



10" Subwoofer to compliment the OctaBar

Frequency Response as low as 23 Hz

Imitates an immersive experience from a stereo source

3-Way Setup for crystal clear sound output

Link Input from the OctaBar or RCA Inputs



Class-D Mini amplifier module


Finnish Birchwood


Acoustically Transparent Net


Lacquered Brown Finish

Mounting System

Desktop or EasyMount









9 Kgs

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We have a growing network of channel partners

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