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Delta Drive 26

Digital standalone audio processing system
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Product at a Glance

The Delta Control Speaker Management Systems feature three models; Delta 26 (2-in 6-out), Delta 28 (2-in 8-out) & Delta 48 (4-in 8-out). The systems can be controlled using the Delta Control Software for a brief setup. The controllers offer multiple input & output EQ Filters, Routing, Peak Limiting, Compression Settings over a 96Hz sample rate


Painstakingly Perfect Production

Over the years, craftsmanship has been closely linked with small scale individualistic production. Back in 1972, we started the same way. As we grew in scale & size, it was difficult to build each speaker individually, but quality control was of utmost importance as so switching to a general assembly line was simply not an option. So we wrote up a code, one quite like enigma, to ensure quality control. We selected the right partners, got the right tools, and in cases where those weren't available, we invented them. We grew slower than most as our aim was to last longer than most. 

Tech Specs





Audio Input

2 x Balanced XLR

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0 /- 0.5 dB


Aluminium Extrusion with Steel Holding Assembly


1.75" (1 RU)

Audio output

6 x Balanced XLR

AD & DA Converters

24-bit with dbx Type IVô Conversion System

LED Screen

3.5" TFT Display



Minimum Load

150 Ohms

Parametric EQ

11 filters per input selected as Bell or Shelving 7 filters per output selected as Bell or Shelving


Metallic Finish




0.0025% typical at +4 dBu, 1 kHz, 0 dB input gain

Centre Frequency

Selectable with a 1/24th of octave resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz Butterworth 6/12/18/24 dB per octave Bessel 12/24 dB per octave

Mounting System

19" Standard Rack Mount Ears


3.7 Kgs

Sound to Noise Ratio


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We have a growing network of channel partners

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