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Engineered Craftmanship

The right blend of man & machine

Over the years, craftsmanship has been closely linked with small scale individualistic production. Back in 1972, we started the same way. Our founders put together every speaker by hand, in the back of their garage ply by ply. As we grew in scale & size, it was difficult to build each speaker individually, but quality control was of utmost importance as so switching to a general assembly line was simply not an option. So we wrote up a code, one quite like enigma, to ensure quality control. We selected the right partners, got the right tools, and in cases where those weren't available, we invented them. We grew slower than most as our aim was to last longer than most. Now in the 21st century, we are proud to say we are the first professional audio company to deliver "Engineered Craftsmanship" - which simply is the perfect blend of skilled labour and the latest technologies in offering. Be it 3D Printing, Wireless transitioning or even Internet of things, At British Acoustics we have been the first to welcome change with open arms. Well now you know our secret!

Why our first speaker is as good as our last?

Quality Control

Quality control at British Acoustics, starts even before production. Long before initiation, the premises is thoroughly checked for any problems that may arise. Our partners also follow set guidelines for raw materials or inputs, making the input of non-screened materials minimal. From there, every stage of production is closely monitored, by humans & by machines. This qualifies all British Acoustics products for a Minimum Quality Assurance. Various products undergo different, and suitable QC methods. Only the products that qualify go further, and the rest are recycled before they see daylight! Our engineers continually tweak, modify, change or abolish these methods, to maintain or raise standards.


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