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Our Brand is built on a foundation of favorable user experiences

Our entire operation with British Acoustics boils down to USER ExPERIENCE. It really is why we do, what we do since 1972. The fact that our speakers compliment tours & large venues or even sit comfortably in a living room enhancing lives globally, is what delights us. Every step that we take hence, is aimed at enhancing consumer experience. Be it making our products look aesthetically appealing for the intimacy of a living room, or making it rugged & portable to improve the experience of a rental user, it all comes to this. We try to maintain directly, and through our partners an enviable level of customer satisfaction pre-sales, during sales and even after. Once you go British Acoustics, there's no going back!

:"We never quite looked upon ourselves as a Brand. We're just a bunch of people, who love what we do. I guess that's what makes us different"

-- Andrew Bishop, Founder.


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