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Our Secret - Using the right materials, in the right proportion

Materials are to production as atoms are to science. Everything in production needs materials. From the humble ceiling speaker to a tech-savy Line Array, material selection, proportion & consistency are the three pillars that make every British Acoustic product special. Since our products are all about solving problems, we test various types, sources & varieties of materials from the same product and compare the result to our set targets. With the speed of growth in the IT industry, some of the results are truly shocking. The next step, one which is more important than even selection, is proportion. The proportion of copper in our coils, or that of insulation in a speaker or even that of degradable v/s non-degradable materials in our products, Getting the right balance is key. Third, and perhaps the most important of all is consistency. Striking a perfect balance between the three is as much art as science, one that we have mastered, but also one we learn everyday


A glance at all the materials we use



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