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Our Central Design Idea

Cherchez les creneau - French, literally translates to search for the cavity. At British Acoustics, we realized very quickly that the biggest challenge in design is knowing what to design. Millions of people have spent billions of dollars building things that might not be necessary in the first place. Since our early days, our designers emphasized on the importance of research based design. Even today, before we take on a project, our designer carry out intensive research to define what is it we are set to achieve. Every project in that sense becomes unique. The design objectives on each such project is different and range from aesthetic considerations, to power efficiency. Inspiration, hence also comes from unique places, be it Historical manuscripts, Sci-fi movies or anything in between. 


Bottom line - We design products to solve problems.

A preview of our design process





At British Acoustics, the plot comes first. Unlike conventional companies who begin with the sketch, we begin with the plot. We set our targets, and research intensively as to what available technologies can be used to achieve those targets

Once the plot is ready, our design team sketches out the best way to incorporate technology & aesthetics. We test not only acoustic materials, but even aesthetic materials. That's why our products look as good as they sound

We then develop upto 7 working prototypes which are judged on various charecters. Depending then on our objectives, and the application, we shortlist the one set for production


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