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Delta 36

3-in 6-out Loudspeaker Processor, Matrix & Controller.

Product at a Glance

The Delta 48 & Delta 36 Loudspeaker processors are built to be used for loudspeaker processing, matrix routing & system control along with the British Acoustics range of products on Tour and in High Performance Installations.

The active front panel offers an extremely intuitive interface which makes the crossover settings easily accessible from the panel itself. It has dedicated buttons to switch to EQ, Limiters, GEQ’s, Presets etc. with a separate adjustment button to assign required values to those settings. The system can also be connected to the Delta Control Software via the USB port at the Back. The software also allows users a quicker and easier method to change multiple values and can be very handy while setting up the systems files for the first time. The devices can also be controlled using an RS 232 programmer for external control

The Delta 36 (3-in, 6-out) & the Delta 48 (4-in, 8-out) use high performance 48-bit converters on the inputs & the outputs. They have a dynamic rang of >116 dB and process the signal at 96 kHz. On each input, 8 bands of fully customisable parametric EQ, HPF/LPF Slopes, a CC6 compressor and an CL1 Limiter is available at the hands of the systems engineer.


Painstakingly Perfect Production

Over the years, craftsmanship has been closely linked with small scale individualistic production. Back in 1972, we started the same way. As we grew in scale & size, it was difficult to build each speaker individually, but quality control was of utmost importance as so switching to a general assembly line was simply not an option. So we wrote up a code, one quite like enigma, to ensure quality control. We selected the right partners, got the right tools, and in cases where those weren't available, we invented them. We grew slower than most as our aim was to last longer than most. 



Audio Input

3 x Balanced XLR

Audio output

Frequency Response

20 Hz - 20 kHz, +0 /- 0.5 dB

AD & DA Converters

6 x Balanced XLR

Minimum Load

48 Bit

Parametric EQ

150 Ohms


0.0025% typical at +4 dBu, 1 kHz, 0 dB input gain

8 filters per input selected as Bell or Shelving 8 filters per output selected as Bell or Shelving

Centre Frequency

Selectable with a 1/48th of octave resolution step from 20Hz up to 20kHz

Sound to Noise Ratio




Aluminium Extrusion with Steel Holding Assembly

LED Screen

3.5" TFT Display


Glossy Eroded Pink Brushed Steel Finish

Mounting System

19" Standard Rack Mount Ears


1.75" (1 RU)


3.7 Kgs






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