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Octa X 800

Portable Columnar Array System
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Product at a Glance

Introducing the British Acoustics Octa X 800, a dynamic and versatile portable PA system designed to elevate your audio experience. Equipped with eight 5" mid drivers, two 3" high-frequency drivers, and a 12" Subwoofer, the Octa X 800 ensures clear and balanced audio reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. From crisp vocals to detailed instrumentals, every element of your sound will be accurately conveyed, capturing the essence of your performance. The Octa X 800 is driven by the Delta Drive DSP, a powerful digital signal processing system that optimizes the audio output to ensure precise and dynamic sound reproduction. With advanced control algorithms, the DSP enhances clarity and balance, allowing your music or speech to shine with exceptional quality and intelligibility.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Octa X 800 features a built-in media hub that offers USB and Bluetooth inputs. Simply connect your USB drive or pair your Bluetooth-enabled device to easily play your favorite music or audio files, providing you with versatile options for playback during your performances or events.
With a dedicated 2-channel mixer, the Octa X 800 allows you to seamlessly integrate microphones into your setup. Whether you're a vocalist, presenter, or speaker, the mixer provides you with precise control over your audio levels, ensuring clear and impactful delivery of your voice to captivate your audience.

Crafted with durability and portability in mind, the Octa X 800 is built to withstand the demands of frequent use. Its robust enclosure safeguards the drivers, while the convenient carrying handles make transportation a breeze. Whether you're setting up for a gig, a presentation, or any other event, the Octa X 800 is designed for easy setup and effortless portability.
With the British Acoustics Octa X 800, you can expect powerful sound reproduction, advanced digital signal processing, seamless connectivity options, and intuitive mixing capabilities. This portable PA system is your reliable companion, providing professional-grade audio performance for musicians, presenters, DJs, and audio enthusiasts alike. Elevate your sound with the Octa X 800 and experience the British Acoustics difference.


Painstakingly Perfect Production

Over the years, craftsmanship has been closely linked with small scale individualistic production. Back in 1972, we started the same way. As we grew in scale & size, it was difficult to build each speaker individually, but quality control was of utmost importance as so switching to a general assembly line was simply not an option. So we wrote up a code, one quite like enigma, to ensure quality control. We selected the right partners, got the right tools, and in cases where those weren't available, we invented them. We grew slower than most as our aim was to last longer than most. 

Tech Specs




Portable Columnar Array

Frequency Range (-10dB)

39 Hz - 22 kHz

Coverage Pattern

140° x 50°

Maximum SPL

129 dB

LF Driver

12” High Excursion Woofers, 3” VC - Ferrite



MF Driver

8 x 5” Low Distortion Cone Woofers, 2” VC - Neo

HF Driver

2 x 3" Slot Loaded HF Driver


Premium Grade Plywood


Powder-coated durable grill with acoustically transparent foam

Amplifier Power

1000W Peak


On-board with Limiters for System Protection & System EQ.


Glazed Black Texture Finish

Mounting System

System Mount with 4-pin power signal connectors


4 Selectable Presets – 1. Flat, 2. Dance, 3. Vocals & 4. Monitors.


Total Height


Sub Dimensions

28" x 20" x 20"

Column Dimensions

34" x 8" x 13"


19 Kgs

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We have a growing network of channel partners

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